Factory Tour of Asahi Brewery in Sapporo Is Really Fun!(アサヒビール工場見学)

Factory Tour of Asahi Brewery
This place is written as [アサヒビール園] in Japanese.
factory tour
factory tour

When it comes to ‘Beer Garden’, you may run through Sapporo Beer Garden in your head. There are some beer gardens by Beer companies in Sapporo. A good one of them is Asahi Beer Garden. There are four buildings and each of them have their own special menus and really nice restaurants like Sapporo Beer Garden.

factory tour

Sapporo Beer Garden has the Beer Museum which is very familiar and popular for not only local people also tourists. But Asahi Beer Garden has its factory which have a factory tour you can visit. This might be not more familiar and popular than Sapporo Beer Museum, but this is really worth visiting I swear.


First of all, there is no factory like Asahi Beer in the Sapporo central area. Even though Sapporo Brewery has the factory in Hokkaido, it is located in Eniwa city. You can’t go there easier. Second, you can access by subway within 10 minutes from Odori. It is good enough for you not to waste your time.

beer for tasting
After touring, your table will be ready for tasting.You have up to 3 beers to drink.

Third, you can try three glasses of beer after factory tour. Of course, it’s free! Meanwhile, Sapporo Beer Museum make visitors pay to drink after a museum tour. More, the factory machines are so fantastic and amazing. You will see a kind of high technology as making beer, especially can-beer. This is very interesting.


  • Take a Tozai line to Nangodori 7 chome and walk 5 min.

Tour Start

  • 90 minutes tour include tasting time.
  • available 3 beers tasting or non alcohol drinks within 20 minutes
  • 9:30-15:00
  • free admittance
  • need a reservation: 011-863-3515
  • If the tour is vacant, you may not need your reservation.

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