Discount ticket for Jozankei Hot spa and Bus

Jotetsu Bus presents One Day Hot Spa and Bus ticket to Jozankei Onsen, which is a very reasonable one. If you don’t stay in Jozankei but want to enjoy Hot spa in Jozankei, this is the ticket for you. The ticket include round trip bus fare and hot spa admission which is available 13 hot spas below. One day hot spa is limited for its hours, so that check your one day spa hours and their closed time for cleaning.

Hotels and Ryokans


  • Jozankei View Hotel New Great View 011-598-3223: 10:00-15:00(last 14:00)
  • Jozankei Manseikaku Hotel MILIONE 011-598-3500: 12:00-21:00
  • Hotel Shikanoyu 011-598-2311: 12:00-20:00(last 19:00)
  • Jozankei Grand Hotel Zuien 011-598-2214: 12:00-21:00(last 20:00)
  • Jozankei Hotel 011-598-2111: 11:00-23:00(last 22:00)
  • Jozankei Saiichi Hotel Suizantei 011-598-2141: 12:00-19:00(last 18:00)
  • Shogetsu Grand Hotel 011-598-4126: 13:00-17:00
  • Nukumorino Yado Furukawa 011-598-2345: 12:00-16:00(last 15:30)
  • Hotel Sansui 011-598-2301: 12:00-19:00(the day bfore Sunday and holiday 15:00)
  • Yunoihana Jozankeiden 011-598-4444: 10:00-22:00(last 21:30)


  • Houheikyo Onsen 011-598-2410: 10:00-24:00(Sunday and holiday 9:00-)


  • Shun-no-oyado Matsunoyu 011-596-2131: 9:00-23:30(within 2 hours)
  • Yumoto Koganeyu 011-596-2111: 10:00-23:00(last 22:00)

*each spa has rental towel set for 200-300 yen charge.

Package ticket fee(Bus from Sapporo + Hot spa)

  • Adult: 1,800 yen
  • Child: 900 yen

See Bus schedules

Where to get a ticket

  • JR Sapporo Station Bus Terminal No.12 depot information booth 7:30-18:00
  • Ask a driver on Jotetsu bus.
  • Jotetsu Bus 011-572-3131


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