Asahikawa Winter Festival 2020

This place is written as [旭川冬まつり] in Japanese.

There are two main places in Asahikawa Winter Festival. Asahibashi bridge venue is for snow statue and sliders and Heiwadori Shopping Park called ‘Kaimono Koen(買い物公園)’ for International Ice Contest. Ice contest will start 6th February and finish their works until 8th February. You may enjoy watching and making its process. Free shuttle buses will be operated from the station to the festival venue including Asahiyama Zoo every 30 minutes. You can enjoy seeing many sculptures alongside Heiwadori Shopping Park by about 30 minutes walking from JR Asahikawa station. After that, you can walk to the venue of Winter Festival, Asahibashi Bridge venue by 15 or 20 minutes walk. Take a taxi if you are more than 2 or 3 people. It costs about 600 – 700 yen from JR Asahikawa station. There are beautiful illumination sites in these areas called Friendly Lights, Nanakamado Lights, Welcome Lights, 7 Jo Ryokudo Lights and Asashibashi Bridge Lights.


6 – 11 February 2015


  • International Ice Sculpture Contest(氷彫刻世界大会) in Heiwadori Shopping Park called ‘Kaimono Koen(買い物公園)’.


  • free shuttle buses in the area every 30 minutes.
  • taxi: about 600 – 700 yen from JR Asahikawa Station to Asahibashi Bridge venue.

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  • Asahiyama Zoo: Take a free shuttle or bus to Asahiyama zoo from Asahikawa station.